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Hi there, firstly let me say a big thank you to you for taking the time to look at this page. I've got the best job in the world and its all thanks to you! I mean it. I wouldn't be able to do this without the support of customers and people who take an interest in what I do. 

  Taking a piece of clay and turning it into a sculptural artwork is really satisfying. It then requires some technical skill and experience to make a mould from the finished model. The next part is probably my favourite, the painting and staining. Last but not least is the marketing and selling of the finished products.

Luckily I have a really loyal customer base who take an interest in what I am doing in real time. Posting photos on facebook of things I am working on usually results in lots of interest, lots of encouraging comments and also advance orders. 

In the last couple of years my time has inevitably been taken up more and more with production and logistics and less with creativity. Im not complaining! Like I said, its still the best job in the world. However I would really like to make some new designs to add to the range. This is where I need your help. The best time of the year for me to create new things is right after Christmas and new year. Why? Because it gets really quiet! It's ironically the worst time of the year to create for the same reason. 

I am sure this is familiar to a lot of people, especially anyone who runs their own business. Plenty of time but not enough money coming in! I usually find myself working freelance as a sculptor for other peoples projects during this period, to 'pay the bills'. Again I'm not complaining, it's the second best job in the world! But it does make it difficult to find the time to focus on new  designs. This is where the crowdfunding comes in. If I could raise enough money to cover my living costs, sculpting and moulding materials for one month, Imagine what I could make? But, you don't need to imagine because I've produced some pictures to illustrate what I want to do! Now you know why I'm interested in crowdfunding I better explain what's in it for you. Firstly, you get the finished ornament(s) that you donated for. Thats right, you are essentially 'pre-ordering' an artwork made by me. The finished item will be signed by myself with a note of thanks to you personally.  You will receive this long before it is in full production and available to other customers. You will get to follow the progress of the artwork with regular updates on facebook. Most of all you will recieve the satisfaction of knowing you helped make a project happen. 

Faerie Wheel of the year

This is a sketch I made of a new plaque I am planning. Depicting Fae and their habits during different times of the year. The Plaque will be approximately 27cm across with 4 hooks in the back so that you can display it with your favourite section or rotate with the seasons. I am looking to sculpt and produce this using 'crowdfunding'. If you would like to help make this happen click here to go to my online shop.


*Please Note*

The finished plaque should be ready to ship in March 2018.

The finished plaque will resemble the sketch but not be exactly the same.

If you don't like the finished item in any way, you will be offered a refund.

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