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The courtroom film props were part of a project spanning several weeks employing a range of different skills. I worked on these projects with Marcus Murray an experienced prop maker and sculptor. The blue sheets above were hand cut to produce the plaque that would go on the outside of the court building. It took 4 days of carving by hand to produce a plaque of about 10 feet across.

The Abstract Judge statue is made from a solid poly block which was cut and initially carved using hot wire tools. Then plastered to resemble stone before being painted. It eventually sat on a plinth making it around 8 feet in height. 

The coat of Arms for the courtroom scene were made using existing models that had been made for 'distant shots'. Because these would be seen much closer, more detail was added  to make them more 3 dimensional.

I sculpted two reliefs of Boars heads, which were used on each side of a wooden pub sign for Episode 2 of the TV series 'Harlots. The two heads were sculpted using air drying clay then moulded and reproduced in hollow resin before being painted.

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