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Pre Order for Casting Run

Its late September 2018 and time to do make all the plaques and statues that have sold out over the summer period, ready for Yuletide. Its really helpful for me to know what customers would like to stock, rather than guessing. So this year I have added a new order page. You can pre order what you like and I can make the items from scratch so there they will be in stock when you need them. This will help with all the lines that have sold out as well as the fast selling lines that dont hang around too long.

Put your order in now and as soon as the items are ready I can email an invoice to you to pay.

If you want to add more later, no problem ( as long as Ive got it)

If you change your mind and nearer the time you dont want the order, no problem. I'd rather have it made and not need it, than need it and not have it made!

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