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This is an online music video project I helped my friend Robin Crowley with. There were over 900 'found' props that needed preparing and painting for the stop motion animated video.

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Part of the video featured this light box which grew out of the ground. It was made out of several parts all of which need marbling by myself. It was shot in low level light so careful consideration was given to the overall effect.

Part of the animated video shows this cute rabbit jumping in 3 stages. The 2 on the outside were bought from a charity shop by the director. I was tasked with sculpting the middle one to look as though it was part of a set. All three were repainted to look consistent.

Brain painting a speciality!

Paper houses were required for a photo shoot. The end product would show a real life model walking up the virtual property ladder. This was an advert for a mortgage company. This project was very time consuming and involved some all night sessions to get completed within the time frame. The finished model was very pleasing with hidden MDF structure to support the weight of a person.

For the Bonobo video Robin Crowley was asked to make the props for 14 rooms getting smaller and smaller incrementally. This was a mathematical challenge making all the different sized tables, TVs, video game consoles and everything else in the room right down to the chopsticks! I helped with  the sculpted items and painting. The end result is very 'trippy'. The Video is amazing in the that it was done in one continuous shot with no post editing.

It won a D and AD 'Graphite' Pencil award for music video production design 2017.

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